“Sometimes Ibrahimovic would start kicking me”

Former Ajax player Steven Piennar tells ‘The Athletic’ a couple of anecdotes about Zlatan Ibrahimovic from when they both met on the Dutch team.

“I used to share the room with him and with Van Der Vaart. Zlatan and I had beds together and there wasn’t much room. Sometimes, for no reason, he would start kicking me. I have no idea why, but he was a good guy. We often play on the Playstation. It was a good time ”, he commented.

And he also explained that “one day at one in the morning the doctor woke us up, warning that the bus was on fire. It was just below our window. We had to get our bags and leave the room. I took my bag, but Zlatan said: “Don’t go, you have to carry my suitcase too.” Then we went back to sleep, but I did it with my eyes open, I couldn’t. ”