Some old Lidl tweets become a global trending topic

has triumphed on Twitter And it hasn’t even been thanks to a new marketing project by the supermarket chain. And it is that in the last hours, some old tweets of the company have gone viral in this social network and have swept in such a way that they have even been global trend.

But, as we said, who is behind this new success of Lidl is not the company but the user @psychomachias, who this Wednesday rescued several tweets from the company from an old campaign in which he promoted his fresh fruits such as oranges, apples, kiwis, or grapefruits. What this Internet user surely did not expect was that her tweet would accumulate in less than two days more than 62.4 thousand ‘likes’ and more than 12.8 thousand ‘retweets’.

The reason? The Word games that were made in this campaign to promote the fruits, created from their names. For example, to promote apples they used the phrase “Healthy man in healthy body“Or, in the case of kiwis, it read a”Kiwino that you came”.

More than 62.4 thousand ‘likes’ in less than two days

Lidl once again demonstrating its supremacy as a supermarket”, Wrote the user next to the screenshots of the mentioned ads. Due to the commotion generated, even the company itself responded to the Internet user with a tweet in which he used another of his ads as a response, this time the phrase used to promote melons: “You tell me or you tell me”.