Some 3,000 Sevilla fans will be able to travel to Budapest

UEFA is organizing the final of the European Super Cup between Bayern Munich and Sevilla with the intention of it being the first match with the public. The appointment at the Puskas Arena in Budapest on September 24 is an opportunity for Sevilla fans to celebrate the spectacular end of the Lopetegui campaign, with fourth place in the League, the achievement of their sixth Europa League and their confrontation before the champion of the Champions.

Thus, the sports director of Sevilla, Monchi, has revealed this Tuesday that the Government of Hungary will allow the presence of foreigners in his country if their stay does not exceed 72 hours, being able to arrive by any means of transport (by plane or road) always and when the traveler has in their possession a negative PCR test for coronavirus certified in English or Hungarian.

To the extent that UEFA will only allow the sale of tickets for 30% of the stadium’s capacity, Seville is entitled to about 3,000 tickets. The Federation of Peñas has organized a trip to be with the team in the final. It is still unknown to what extent the Sevilla fans will mobilize with the times that run.

The president of the entity, José Castro, welcomed the presentation of Óscar Rodríguez as a new Sevilla player that there will be public again in the stadiums. “It is a first step, it is the first game in which there will be an audience. We hope it is a first step so that in the Spanish league it is seen public as well. Its president has said that as of January it may be possible, so we have to hope that the evolution of the pandemic does not prevent it ”.