Solved the mystery: We already know where Jorge Javier Vázquez is

We have spent days speculating about the whereabouts of Jorge Javier Vázquez. The presenter of ‘Save me’ and dozens of successful reality shows, wore weeks gone since presenting the second program of the docuseries ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’. Since then, much has been said that the most mediatic presenter could take advantage of his great form to show off his palm on the beaches of Honduras and fulfill his dream: jump out of the helicopter to be a contestant on ‘Survivors’.

From Mediaset, the official version was that JJ Vázquez had taken a few days off before taking command of this new edition. However, the journalist Laura Fa he let escape in his nets that the Badalona man would have crossed the Atlantic with the whole team.

We have solved the mystery

Jorge Javier welcomed ‘Survivors 2021’ but did so on a dark set, creating a lot of mystery and expectation. Was Jorge really there? Lights out and surprise! A very tanned Jorge Javier appeared to the applause of the guests. Solved the mystery, we all wondered, where has this time really been? Has Mediaset kept any surprises up its sleeve? We will find out soon.