Soldier smashes records in Europe

Roberto Soldado continues to smash records after the great goal that marked the Norwegian Molde on Thursday and that certified Granada’s ticket to the quarterfinals of the Europa League, a historic milestone that the veteran striker is very much to blame for.

Soldier, in addition, continues to fatten his incredible numbers in Europe and signs a brutal and difficult brand to match in Spanish football. According to As, the Granada striker is the player who has scored the most goals in European competitions for more teams from the same country. Soldier has ‘wet’, until now, in Europe, with Osasuna, Real Madrid, Valencia Villarreal and Granada. He is the only striker who has managed to score in European tournaments (Champions League and Europa League) with five different Spanish teams. That is said soon.

This Sunday Soldier is going to meet again with one of the teams where it had a great weight, Valencia. With the ‘che’, the now Granada striker scored in October 2010 in Turkey against Bursaport (0-4). That same year he also scored two goals against Rangers and although he did not get to play, he was in both games against Manchester United (group stage). More than ten years later he will meet again with the ‘Red Devils’ now as a Granada player.