Soldier calls for ‘ambition and intelligence’ in a ‘very even’ tie

The forward of the Granada Roberto Soldier believes that his team must have “ambition and intelligence” to overcome the Norwegian Molde in a knockout round of the Europa League that will be “very close.”

“We have to be ourselves, not lose the identity we have as a team, thave ambition and intelligence in a very close tie against an opponent that is going to make things difficult, “he commented Soldier this Wednesday at a press conference.

“If we are in our best version, we have possibilities to pass, “added the attacker, who recalled that they have” many unavailable players “, but that those who play are going to come out” with the strength and enthusiasm “transmitted by those who cannot.

“We know what we are and what has brought us up to here, and that’s what we have to keep doing. We are not going to go tomorrow to look for 0-0 because there will be more players in the second leg. We have a lot of ambition and we want a favorable result, and we will do everything possible to try to achieve it, “he clarified.

Soldier acknowledged that he is “looking forward to it“a tie
which he described as “beautiful, exciting and historic”, and in which he hopes to see “the best Granada”.

In fact, he commented that is “more nervous” than the rest of members of the squad because he believes that, due to his age, he has “less chance than they of playing more qualifying rounds” like this one.

“Playing games like this is a prize and we have to enjoy it. The more we enjoy it, the closer we will be to passing, “he said.

“We have to be competitive animals and give the 120 for one hundred to be able to pass this tie, “said the veteran forward.

Soldier stated that a mold deserves “all the respect” that it is “a great team”, remembering that “it has played prior to the Champions League and has gone through several rounds”.

On an individual basis, and after overcoming an injury, he reported that he is “available and one hundred percent”, before praising the figure of his teammate Jorge Molina, who has been in several games in a row as the only offensive reference due to losses in the team.

“Jorge (Molina) has incredible merit what he does and at the level he is doing, is a true example of self-improvement and ambition. He helps us by transmitting his values ​​as a professional and as a person. It has come to multiply more than to add, “he said.