Sofía Suescun read it live: ‘I would like to adopt a black boy, like with animals’

The television Sofia Suescun is news for some controversial statements he made in the ‘Fresh!’ section of the program ‘It’s already noon‘In which he collaborates weekly. The Navarrese has been harshly criticized through social networks after her last public appearance.

“I would like to adopt some black boy. It is like my dream. Like animals, not create them, but help them. I love it ”, transmitted the young woman.

“He has a lot of love that does not fit in his chest and he has to give it up”, was the reaction of his socialite partner Michelangelo Nicholas. For its part, Sonsoles Ónega He added to get out of trouble: “No, no. Yes I understand. I do not say anything”.

The controversial comment has sparked a barrage of criticism on social media. Here are some of the most prominent comments on ‘Twitter’.