Sofía Suescun explodes against her brother: ‘Men like Cristian make me sick’

Sofía Suescun and Kiko Jiménez They return to be the cover of the number of Readings of this Wednesday, and offer us an extensive report shortly after the robbery they suffered. The couple took the scare of their lives when they returned from vacation and found that their home had been broken into. In the pages of the magazine, they also reveal the secret details of the event, as well as the stolen objects. In statements to Lecturas, the couple has revealed that they have lived a very distressing week since their home was ransacked: “We have passed the worst week of our life. Everything has happened to us, from heatstroke, to the robbery in my house. The good news is that one of the thieves has already been arrested. ”, count in the publication.

“Men like Cristian disgust me”

However, what has caused the most stir is the harsh words that Sofia dedicates to her brother Cristian Suescun and that occupy the cover of ‘Lecturas’: “Men like Cristian disgust me”. All this caused by “the relationship” of the contestant with Yola Berrocal, one of her colleagues in ‘La casa fuerte’. “He is very cowardly, he says he was with Yola Berrocal because my mother told him, instead of accepting that he had a warm-up with her in reality, and he was fooling around with her,” he said.

Cover of the magazine Lecturas.

Readings, in addition, has made known Sofia is very disappointed with her brother Cristian. Kiko Jiménez’s girlfriend has been fatally affected by both Cristian’s attitude towards his mother, Maite Galdeano, and his passivity in the face of the attacks she suffered during the contest. “I have suffered a lot, I have had a very hard time seeing my sad mother, and my brother did not put his face out for my mother. It made me sick. ”

War in the Suescun family

War has broken out again in the Suescun family. Not only because of the confrontations of mother and son during their confinement in the contest, but also because of Sofia’s words. Aside from being pissed off at her brother’s attitude, she has assured ‘Lecturas’ that Maite has to manage the money for the eldest of the family.

“Some 5,000 euros have been stolen from me, plus 8,000 that my mother kept for my brother,” he clarified to the media before qualifying, “My mother kept it to manage it, otherwise it will melt in a few days of celebration, which if Matamoros and Rafa Mora, these people who are bad influence. My brother has no personality. Imagine what he can become! ”

Sofía thus took advantage of the story of the robbery to reload against his brother. A controversial relationship between three gangs -mother, daughter and brother- with Kiko Jiménez as a witness to their innumerable disagreements.