Sofía Suescun, denounced for deceiving her followers: ‘It is a prohibited product’

The television Sofia Suescun it has been involved in a new controversy. As revealed by ‘Socialite‘This Sunday, the Navarre has been denounced by FACUA for deceiving his followers and promoting tights with a supposed anti-cellulite effect and with supposed health benefits, something that has been prohibited since 1996.

“You are advertising a prohibited product, therapeutic properties related to the elimination of cellulite cannot be attributed,” he declared. Ruben Sanchez, FACUA lawyer, before the microphones of the program.

Sofía Suescun on the set of ‘La casa fuerte’.

“It makes us believe that it is a product that will eliminate cellulite so they are participants in the infringement. In addition, they are advertising people they know who do not clarify that they are advertising ”, he insisted.

In this way, Sanchez He explained that the ‘influencer’ could face serious consequences. “They could open files that could lead to fines of thousands of euros.” “Any consumer who feels a victim could report it,” said the lawyer.