Smoking, without a mask … Oblak and Savic’s party a week from Camp Nou

With what the Atlético de Madrid
right now, to be a champion of The league, and a week from visiting the Camp Nou to be measured at FC Barcelona in what looks like an anticipated final for the championship of The league, the images that were made public on Sunday night are not the best precedent for a quiet week in the rojiblanco team.

And it is that two heavyweights of the mattress team, two of the best footballers of the Athletic for performance in this course, Stefan savic Y Jan
Oblak, appeared at a private party, surrounded by people, without a mask and without keeping a safe distance according to what is observed in the images.

Remember that the Atlético de Madrid is one of those that has suffered the most on account of the positives for Covid
, among the teams of The league. More than a dozen cases, among which, by the way, are not the two Balkans. That is, they have not been through that is known. Without a doubt, a week to play The league, it doesn’t seem like the ideal situation.

Because among other things, the images also show the attendance of more people than allowed at a time like the present, in which the health authorities have restricted meetings that exceed a certain number of people. Besides that they have to be cohabiting, that does not seem to be the case.

In his discharge, at least, the celebration was in the open air and not in a closed room, so that out there, some could find some kind of justification.

The images transcended because one of the attendees made some ‘stories’ through Instagram in which you can see the two relaxed mattresses. Nor has it helped his image that both appear smoking. In the case of Stefan
Savic, a cigarette. In the of Oblak a shisha. The protagonist of the “leaked video” proceeded to delete her account as soon as the images went viral.

Beyond that, keep in mind that Jan
Oblak He is one of the captains chosen by the costumes. It doesn’t seem like the best of examples at the moment. And in the case of Savic he is one of the ‘virtual captains’ due to his ancestry with respect to the rest of the group. It will be necessary to see how it affects, if there are repercussions and if the mattress club decides to take some type of measure in this regard.