Siro López, very hard on Josep Pedrerol: ‘You live in a lie’

For years Siro López was one of the mainstays of ‘Punto Pelota’, the space with which Josep Pedrerol He established himself in the world of night football gatherings.

However, one day everything broke down, and also in very bad manners. A tremendous fight live ended their professional relationship, and it does not seem that the passage of time has calmed the spirits.


And is that The Galician journalist was dispatched at ease this Sunday on his Twicht channel with the director of ‘El Chiringuito’, whom he accused of being self-centered.

Siro López explodes against Pedrerol

He thinks he has invented journalism, and for inventing he has not even invented the program. The program was invented by a man named Alfonso Arús, who was the first to create a sports gathering in which two sides faced each other.. What he has done is to copy ‘Save me’ and he has turned a football program into a space for circus shows, although maybe I am offending the circus people, ”he explained.

From minute 5:20 of the video

López wanted to clarify the reasons for his farewell to the Pedrerol program, denying that it was for money.

What am I a nickel? I did not leave because of a money problem, I left because of a dignity problem, because this man, at Christmas, on December 23, without me asking for anything, tells me that I am going to earn an amount. On January 14, 15, or 16, he backs out and says I’m going to collect another. And when January 30 arrives, which I have worked for all that month, this man tells me that we have to speak again because he cannot pay me what he had promised me. I suppose, thinking that I have nowhere to fall dead, and that I am going to have to fuck myself, speaking in silver, with what he tells me ”denounced the Galician journalist, who continued attacking Pedrerol.

I had an offer for four months and I did not go out of solidarity, since we were having whores, what the hell are you telling me, kid? What the hell are you going to give journalism lessons? What the hell?”, He continued indignantly.

Siro also denounced the journalistic practices of Pedrerol, of whom he said that “you say you give news. If you only give news from one side and, in addition, I have to tell it … The problem is that you give it being the first, the second, the third or the fourth, you say it is an exclusive. The rest of us keep quiet, because nothing, people must think that you give them all. But what the hell do you give them all? If you have given four news in your life ”.

But Siro López’s attacks on Pedrerol did not remain in the professional sphere.

You lie when you live in your personal life in a lie. In the end, lying comes out unintentionally because he has the problem of living in an absolute lie and what happens happens, that you lie as a habit”He blurted out shortly before accusing him of little less than exploiting his workers.

You are taking the pasta by the handful. You took it in Intereconomía and you are taking it now. 80% of the writing you have are young scholars who pay them four dollars. Who are you kidding?”López settled.