Singer Bebe turns on Instagram on 8-M: ‘A lot of brainless …

Spanish singer and actress Baby He has raised the controversy with statements on his Instagram account against the demonstrations on March 8 for International Women’s Day.

The Valencian has written in a post that “Happy day to all the women who for many years have made the journey so that a lot of brainless ones will find everything done and can go out and scream that they want to go home” alone and drunk ” , the writing begins.

And he adds that “…. we look at our men because we want to and because they pamper us, and happy day for the women who knew how to hear a PRETTY with a smile and a blush …”

As expected, the reactions have not been long in coming from the users of this social network. “Many of those women who heard beautiful, did not return home,” writes a follower.

“Why do you think you have rights? Magically?. Today’s women continue to march and fight, in their own way, each fight and that is respected ”, comments another user.

“What harm those words do,” replies a third user. The truth is that the singer’s comments have not been well received in a day of solidarity in favor of equality and the fight against sexist violence.