Simeone’s winks at Joao Félix

The official press conference of Atlético de Madrid before their meeting in front of the Chelsea, return of the knockout stages of the Champions League, served to see seated together Diego Simeone Y Joao Felix, who were the ones who attended the media.

Much has been said about the relationship that both maintain, which the Portuguese player himself described as “very good” in a public way, because “he always tries to help me”, and the controversy that the celebration of his goal at Villarreal generated, although quickly it was said that he was going to I gave it. Something that the Portuguese also confirmed.

And after Joao, it was the turn of Simeone
. That in addition to confirming the player in the starting eleven for Stamford Bridge, he praised on more than one occasion the personality of his footballer, from whom he expects great things at the London event.

“Joao is a very important player as we have said thousands of times, he made a great start to the season, where he gave a lot of quality to the attack. We need that player, all players go through different stages, especially when they are young, but you already heard it, you don’t need to add anything to the personality that he demonstrated by speaking. Hopefully tomorrow and in LaLiga he continues to grow, because that’s what life at 21 is all about, the talent he has and the will he has to have, ”said the Argentine coach.

And Cholo left no doubts when he was asked about Joao’s defensive attitude: “I always look at the best footballers, and they all have a collective job to be part of the team, Joao never lacked intention to do so. We commented a long time ago that in a Portugal-France we saw a great job on the left, with a tour of the band, because he has it. I have no doubt that the explanation that Joao gave is fantastic, it is what we all want, that it grows in every way, and to grow and bequeath to that place, it has to be complete, and have different facets, all footballers work as a result of the team ”.