Simeone’s lesson to ‘the defenders of past bull football’

The matter of the Super league it has shaken world football. The announcement of the new competition and the virulent reaction of UEFA, FIFA, governments, amateurs and even professionals, it served so that the project was sunk before even seeing the light.

In the end, the pressures have been enormous, among them obviously from a part of the fans that did not like what was brewing. And the Atlético de Madrid has decided, like other teams, to get out.

Simeone gave a lesson in elegance when asked directly if he was for or against. A few days ago, shortly after the project was known, the coach had already indicated that the club would do what it thought best for the entity. And that same reflection works for now. So, the project of the Super league it was something concrete to which the Athletic from Madrid
. And now, after the departure of the Big Six England and the Inter de Milan, had made the intended scenario unfeasible. That is, in his opinion, the Athletic He ‘does the best for the entity’ by withdrawing from the tournament once it has lost its original meaning.

Some were brave when there was unity in the 15 founding teams and they were against it. As is the case of Ander Herrera, player of the PSG who was against even knowing that his team could finish in said competition. Others like Jurgen Klopp, coach of the Liverpool, He empathized with the anger of the fans from the beginning despite the fact that he abided by the direction that the matter seemed to take …

And then there were others who waited for the ship to begin to sink to leave messages for the gallery, involved club players or state club coaches who are largely to blame for the current distortion that this sport is experiencing, whose survival does not it depended on a new twist on this matter.

And for those, for the seconds, for those of ‘a toro pasad’, Simeone left a reflection that illustrates the mood of both. Being able to go to the easy resource, with the wind already in favor, to earn some easy retweets or some applause from the usual sycophants, he pulled on elegance. “They have known me for a long time, I will have my good things or not. I do not like demagoguery and take advantage of situations to strengthen myself from something. What I think I speak with the people with whom I have to speak and what I feel I transmit to the people. I do not like to express myself here trying to please more or less those who listen to me “, replied the coach of the Atlético de Madrid.