Simeone: ‘To continue … We never thought it was going to be easy’

Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of the Atlético de Madrid, analyzed the draw achieved by his team against the Real Madrid.

“The goals mark the results. We can’t do anything about that. Yes, I am very happy with the team’s work, they played a great game, they played a great game. Taken to the place we wanted, almost always. To continue, because it is clear, it will not be easy and we never thought it would be, “said the mattress coach by way of analysis.

The Argentine acknowledged that his team could have closed the game. “The forcefulness generates more tranquility, it is clear. We had many important situations. Courtois made a great stop over Carrasco, that of Angel that he says he did not see because the light shone on him and he could not solve. Some we had. But I liked the team, it was brave, it played well. We dominate the first half. Until 30 minutes into the second half we were around the 2-0 that did not appear and then they had a very good action that Oblak he stopped in double action, and they scored a beautiful goal that generates a draw that is just because of the forcefulness, “he continued by way of summary.

“It is always the same scenario. When you do not finish putting yourself in advantage by more goals, the 1-0 is always short because the virtue and ability of the rival can appear, which in all Spanish teams there are, so that they hurt you “, reflected the coach of the Atlético de Madrid.

Simeone He did not want to enter the matter from the hand of Philip. “I have so many things to see that I take care of what we have to see. We leave it to the referees, the people of the VAR, those who have to decide. It is not simple or easy, if it is intentional, if it is not, if it is attached to the body, if not … I do not go in because I have many things in my head that interest me more ”, explained the mattress coach to return defending the use of technology to review the plays. “What I like is the VAR. It is fairer for what we have to do. Before it was not a penalty, nor was it offside … And it was a goal. Now they tell you, it’s a penalty, it’s ‘offside’ … It’s better ”.

About the difficulty the Athletic to win at Real
Madrid in the last derbies he pointed out: “I don’t know if that’s the case. You guys handle the numbers … We lost twice, we tied two or three. It is not so outstanding. We were 14 years without winning so imagine how we are. Always looking on the positive side, I keep a lot of good things about the team. Like everything in life if you want to see the negative side, they tied us in the end, we could have taken more advantage. I keep the effort, the work, the game and the clarity with which the team played … ”.

“They also told me the hand of Ramos in Eibar, it is very difficult for the referees to have a criterion, it is down, up, in the air, on the floor … I am worried that the team will win, that it will have balance throughout the championship. and respect. The VAR has generated more forcefulness in what before the flag was raised or not, if it is a criminal it is a criminal now. He has improved a lot in all fields ”, he continued in this regard.


“I do not want to be an extremist in my opinion, I have a lot of important things left at the moment, the team’s game, the figure that has sustained with absolute dedication from everyone in a tournament where everyone thought we were going to win by 20 points, I don’t know what they imagined. The road to the end is going to be very difficult for everyone. We want to improve what happened last season and we continue on that path ”, he stressed to add that the people who analyze“ always play with what is happening from … but we know the difficulty that exists in all fields, we all have difficulties, I’ll keep what I’m counting on, a great job until 35 of the second half, a shame not being able to win a game that we wanted to win ”.