Simeone: ‘The inertia of the game takes you backwards’

Diego Pablo Simeone, Atlético de Madrid coach appeared at a press conference in the run-up to the game against Getafe.

Thinking about the Champions League

“For ten years we have thought of only one way, which is to go game by game. For ten years we have not varied in the group and therefore the player ”.

Goals against

“I think we have different characteristics from the players we have used in different stages. We have much more goals in favor and we have more goals against. Hence the difference is there. They are footballers who have improved a lot in the scoring phase. Take care to achieve the balance that would be the ideal for what we want to have ”.

Getafe season

“I cannot value the entire season of the rival accordingly because I do not follow him throughout the year. We only pay attention to them when we play against them. Their characteristics remain the same as when they reached their best odds. He has an enormous spirit and will to compete. As we have always found ourselves when we have faced the Bordalás team ”.

Llorente-Suárez couple’s valuation

“They are not attacking pairs, one plays in the middle and the other one later. As always the talents you can generate in the team can stand out. It happens to them and one day it will happen to Correa, another day to Joao, another day to Oblak … “

Jan Oblak’s absence from training

“Yes tomorrow he will play. Today we decided that he should work in the gym and tomorrow he will be with the team ”.

Physical state of the equipment

“We try to occupy the best way in each game. We came from doing an important game with a physical and mental effort as it usually is in a derby. That is why I value the team’s reaction after the 1-0 defeat much more ”.

Causes end behind

“Normally it is an inertia. I have not seen many games where the team wins 3-2, 2-1 or 1-0 and the opponent is not close to scoring a goal. It usually happens that the game ends without more goals or that it reaches 1-1, 2-2 … We all would like to have a forcefulness to finish all games 4-0, but the Spanish League is very competitive and that is complicated. I understand it as a matter that when I played the anxiety grows in the last minutes when you go ahead … The inertia of the game takes you back. In a match 2-1, 1-0. The normal thing is to finish behind. If the game is tied it is bad and if it ends up winning like against Bilbao it is a great game ”.