Simeone: ‘Suárez’s streak? Tomorrow may be a very nice day ‘

Diego Simeone, coach of the Atlético de Madrid, appeared before the media in the previous meeting on Wednesday before the Chelsea, return of the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Joao says he’s happy at Atlético, he thinks the media noise weighs on him.

“Joao is a very important player as we have said thousands of times, he made a great start to the season, where he gave a lot of quality to the attack. We need that player, all players go through different stages, especially when they are young, but you have already heard him, it is not necessary to add anything to the personality that he demonstrated by speaking. Hopefully tomorrow and in LaLiga he continues to grow, because that’s what life at 21 is all about, the talent he has and the will he has to have ”.

The spirit of Anfield present.

“We are facing a team that is very well, they have not lost with the new coach, they feel strong at home, they have a dynamic game and tomorrow we have only one result, which is to win. We will seek to take the game where we believe to reach that goal ”.

What does the team ask of you for this match?

“Winning, and looking for the tools that I have to pass on to them so that they can develop them to win.”

Suárez’s streak without scoring in the Champions League away from home and will be Joao as the starter.

“Joao is going to play from the start and possibly tomorrow will be the right day for Luis to cut that streak that they are talking about. Why not. It can be a very nice day ”.

Two goals conceded by Chelsea in 12 games with Tuchel. How it is attacked.

“We have worked on both systems, to see which one is more appropriate. You can win at 85 ‘, at 10’, or start losing. After the first leg we have found situations to improve, we do not know how they will approach it, but we are clear about what we want, which is to win ”.

Does Joao have to adapt to the team?

”They are different characteristics from Luis’s. As a finisher, the team seeks to empower that forward, Joao is a midfield player, different … ”.

Joao has said that he is used to defending. How you see it, they say it forces the players to defend …

“I always look at the best footballers, and they all have a collective job to be part of the team, Joao never lacked the intention to do so. We commented a long time ago that in a Portugal-France we saw a great job on the left, with a tour of the band, because he has it. I have no doubt that the explanation that Joao gave is fantastic, it is what we all want, that it grows in every way, and to grow and bequeath to that place, it has to be complete, and have different facets, all footballers work consequently of the team ”.

Chelsea and Suarez

“Suárez is very important for us, a lot of hierarchy for us and our rivals. Weakness that he can find, he does not have it today Tuchel will think that it is not known what will happen with a result against that they have not had. That will be in doubt until it happens ”.