Simeone recovers Giménez and Héctor Herrera

Good news for him
Atlético de Madrid
and for your coach, Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of the mattress team. At a time like the current one, of accumulation of matches and fatigue, the rojiblanco coach recovers troops.

Jose Maria Gimenez, already recovered from a muscle injury that left him out of the last four games, and Hector
Herrera, drop the last two games for personal reasons; They trained normally this Thursday, a few days before the match that will face the Athletic before him Getafe.

This means that the infirmary has been completely emptied, with no injuries or positives due to Covid. The last one left to come out of it was the aforementioned Gimenez, who was injured on February 21 against the I raised, and he had lost the benchmarks against Chelsea, the Villarreal, the Real Madrid and the Athletic from Bilbao.

Good news for Atlético de Madrid and their coach, Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of the mattress team.

It is good news because the central arrives just this week in which the Cholo has the low of Philip
, by penalty. It is understood that if, physically he is well, he will be chosen for that area.

In addition to Gimenez, Simeone also recovers Herrera, who traveled to Mexico for personal reasons, which was low the last two duels. Finally, also breathe Simeone in the case of Marcos Llorente, there is also good news. The scorer will be OK for the match, even though he was traded in the final stretch against him. Athletic club. “I had a little annoyance and in the end I was not giving more, I could not contribute anything to the team and I preferred to ask for the change, but it is something punctual and for the next game there will be no problem,” he explained on Wednesday in ‘Movistar’.