Simeone: ‘Mental is going to be key to winning LaLiga’

Diego Simeone, coach of the Atlético de Madrid, appeared before the media after the defeat of his team against the Athletic in San Mamés, which means that the mattress team could lose the leadership if the Barcelona he wins the postponed match against Granada on Thursday.

Damage that defeat has done

“A few days ago they asked me what I considered most important in this League final and I am clear that the mentality is going to be key. The key to being closer to winning will be in the emotional balance ”.

Can the pressure?

“The Spanish championship is usually won by Barcelona and Real Madrid. Except in 2014 or another year that we were close. For much of the season we had many points of advantage, but we understood that clubs like Barcelona and Madrid were not going to get out of the title dispute. Sevilla also appeared. Whoever has more mental strength will be closer to winning. “

How defeat will affect

“It is all very changeable. A few days ago it was not anticipated that we were going to play a first half like the one we play. We do not know what we are going to meet. We look forward to knowing that we continue to depend on us. It will depend on mental strength, on the personality that we can demonstrate … ”.

Where can the League be resolved

“We are to watch game by game. Try to do my best against Elche. What is clear is that it is exciting. The opportunity is there ”.

The first half of the team

“It is clear that if this is repeated it is more of a problem for the coach than for the team. When a coach does not resolve that situation, something is wrong. We will try to improve ”.

Weren’t Lemar, Joao and Suárez there for 90 minutes?

“Lemar trained one day, Joao one and Luis two too. The team had been doing good performances and that the changes were going to give us things to continue competing. Sometimes what you imagine doesn’t come out. That is why it is football and life is changing. You have to fight with what you find, not with what you imagine ”.