Simeone encourages protecting the planet through recycling

On the occasion of World Recycling Day, Diego Pablo Simeone, together with Atlético de Madrid Foundation, star in an awareness campaign with Ecoglass –Non-profit entity in charge of managing the recycling of glass containers in Spain– which aims to show the importance of recycling glass to take care of the environment, fundamental to preserve the good health of all and that of the planet.

Struggle, effort and commitment are values ​​present in the Cholo and also in glass recycling. The coach participates for the second consecutive year in the initiative together with Ecoglass and, in a video piece, Simeone highlights how throughout his career, perseverance, improvement and teamwork have helped him meet his challenges on and off the pitch. Therefore, through this campaign, it encourages citizens to collaborate together in the recycling of glass containers and contribute to conserving the natural environment.

In this sense, the coach of the Atlético de Madrid highlights that “my entire career has been characterized by one thing, fighting. Fight for a position, against bigger rivals. Because for me, lowering my arms is not an option. I didn’t always win, but I never gave up. And, little by little, I achieved some triumphs, or better yet, we did, because I have never been alone. And I’m not just talking about football, it’s life. Believe in what you do, believe in the team, believe in the impossible, believe that we can have a better world. It is not only my future that depends on green, it is also everyone’s. Caring for the environment is a game that we have been playing for years and, together, we have to win it ”.

“2020 has been a difficult and complicated year for everyone, but nevertheless we have been able to see how awareness in favor of the environment has grown considerably. 2021 should be the year in which we all consolidate our ambitions in favor of the environment and from Ecoglass We are always looking for committed allies to amplify the message in favor of our planet. And, in this sense, Diego Pablo Simeone is truly convinced that only with teamwork will we defend our natural environment and our biodiversity as it deserves ”, he says. Borja Martiarena, Ecovidrio marketing director.


During 2020, society has continued to become aware of the importance of facing the climate emergency.Thus, the recycling of glass containers has been, for yet another year, a perfect example of a circular economy model, also supporting the 2030 Agenda and up to six Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, during the past year, thanks to glass recycling, it has been achieved:

Avoid the emission of 526,371 t of CO2, an amount equivalent to that which would be emitted when going around the world by plane 133 times through the equator of the Land.

· Avoid the extraction of 1,089,043 t of raw materials (sand, soda and limestone), a weight equivalent to almost 50 times the Aqueduct of Segovia. Together, all these raw materials would occupy a volume equivalent to that of the Torres Kio in Madrid.

Save 648,162 Mwh of energy, equivalent to the energy consumption of hospitals throughout Spain for almost 2 months.