‘Showboat’, the biography of Kobe Bryant

When it is about a year since the tragic death of Kobe bryant in a helicopter accident -January 27-, in which the NBA star died along with his daughter and six other people, reaches Spanish bookstores’Showboat‘, the definitive biography of Kobe Bryant (Dome Books) written by the prestigious journalist Roland Lazenby, who has been following the NBA for more than 30 years.

‘Showboat’ was the nickname with which O’Neal baptized Bryant when he was nothing more than a ‘rookie’ eager to demonstrate his talent with dunks and his ability to reach the rim. Bryant he hated this nickname with all his might. He thought that it reduced him to a person without competitive integrity, a flaw that had often been attributed to his father years ago and that had been discussed mostly in a low voice within the world of professional basketball. Even so, the nickname also represents the prodigious love for this sport that Bryant shared with his father and the pleasure they experienced playing in a striking and spectacular way.

Kobe bryant is considered one of the best basketball players of all time, with a complex and fascinating personality that the legendary and renowned sports journalist Roland lazenby Dissect in depth to reveal the enigmatic Lakers star in all his complexity.

Lazenby, digs deep to see beyond the player’s public image through dozens of interviews that reveal a complete vision, from childhood to his years as a gamer and his tragic loss.

An essential reading to know in depth the life of Kobe bryant, his achievements and dark areas, his complicated personal life, his explosive relationship on the track and many other stories about this complicated and fascinating character at the same time, who claimed to know from a young age that when he grew up he would be better than Michael Jordan.