Show of Neymar, who crashes two balls against the post

The best version of Neymar has returned to the scene this Tuesday against Bayern Munich. The Brazilian star is starring in the best options of PSG in the quarter-round of the Champions League in an exhibition of quality and magic.

Neymar’s show consists of bicycles, feints, and unimaginable dribbles to generate excellent scoring opportunities. However, the sticks are preventing his game from being awarded a goal.

The ex-azulgrana has tested Neuer after misleading Lucas with countless bicycles. The shot adjusted to the post could have been deflected by the German goalkeeper, who later joined with the sticks of his goal to avoid a goal from Ney.

In the 37th minute, Neymar made a hole from the top of the area to send a ball against the crossbar. Almost without breathing, in the next play Mbappé has left the Brazilian only before Neuer the Brazilian, who has again smashed his shot against the wood.