Shoring up the squad for Segunda, the challenge

Pending when will be certified mathematically the descent, from the sports management of Espanyol we are already working hard to create a project with face and eyes for Segunda Division.

The challenge is not to extend the stay in the Silver category, to have a ephemeral step and to be able to return to Primera next year, the challenge of President Chen Yansheng. The Chinese businessman, owner of Espanyol, does not get off the boat, quite the contrary. In principle, you want to provide the sports management with the necessary resources to reinforce or retouch the squad and make it competitive in the Second Division and tie the promotion in one year.

Rufete’s first duties focus on closing the hiring a coach for the new journey and getting it right, given that this year not having given the key with the ‘capo’ of the bench has been one of the causes that has contributed to the sports disaster. Tie a technician of character, who knows the Silver category and that it be identified with the DNA of the club, will be some of the important requirements.

In Anoeta was in evidence that touches are urgent in the current squad to face the fight in Second. The young youth squads are called to play a key role, but always accompanying players experienced, with a lot of ‘mili’ and quality to captain the return.

The alarming lack of goal, coupled with lack of force on defense, they have crushed Espanyol this year, causing him to fall to hell. It is still symptomatic that David López, a defender, be one of the ‘pichichis’ of the team, with only 4 targets next to Tomás and Wu Lei, while other forwards like Calleri or Ferreyra they have only signed one goal.

Sales and maintain some pillar

It will be a very busy summer in the key of parakeet market. No one escapes that men like Tomás (his clause of 60 million does not move despite going down), Marc Roca, Darder or Cabrera, They will have ‘girlfriends’ and possibilities to go out. Espanyol will not look bad recover ‘cash’ after a terrible year marked by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. But it won’t sell either.

And it would be recommended that some of the signings of January, read Embarba, especially, or Cabrera, who have given good results continue in the squad, renewed their commitment to the entity so that they are basic pillars in the project to return to First.