Shock over the death of Carlos Lorente, deputy director of LOS40

Today a great friend has left. LOS40 soul, music lover to rage and an inspiration to all. You will always be our Number 1. All the love for your family and friends. Rest in peace”. Los40 mourns the loss of Carlos Lorente, deputy director of the music network who was fired with this emotional message after his death this Sunday.

The news left his teammates very touched, who did not take long to show their grief through social networks.

There was also no lack of recognition samples from some of the most prominent artists in our country, who lamented the unexpected loss.

Carlos Lorente began his career at Los 40 in October 2002 as a production assistant for ‘Anda Ya’, and he also participated in programs such as ‘What are you telling me’ or ‘La noche caprichosa’.

Since January 1, 2020, he was deputy director of the chain.