Shirataki pasta, gnocchi and more: Lukaku’s strange diet to find his best form

Every day that passes Romelu lukaku grow a little more as a footballer. The secret? His diet: shirataki pasta, gnocchi, salad, fish and chicken: “I have changed my diet since I arrived at Inter and I can say that I have never felt so strong,” explained the forward in an interview with Matteo Pincella (Inter nutritionist) for the official channel of the club.

“Since I am here in the Inter we have done an analysis of my body and it has changed a lot. I eat a lot of salad and fish, which have a great effect on me. I like the carnitine, it makes me feel good and I take vitamins “ And what a good effect! The Belgian has gone from weighing 100 kilos (during his time in Manchester) to 90-91 that he weighs now.

What you will keep wondering is what is that about the shirataki pasta. Well, this is the latest trend among ‘fitness’. A highly satiating variety due to its high fiber content, but that it has no calories. This type of pasta is made up of up to a 90% water and when it reaches the stomach it swells even more.

Each country has its own way of eating: I have always been an explosive player, but Italy has led me to another level. I have never felt so strong. I have reached another level, physical and mentalAdvice for young people? I would say that they follow a suitable diet ”, has continued explaining the attacker.

And he has revealed that after the matches he gives his “Caprichitos” based on gnocchi: “How do I recover after games? I eat carbohydrates: most of the time I eat two packages of gnocchi “Lukaku has confessed.

Of course the numbers of Romelu speak for themselves: second top scorer in Serie A in all competitions with 24 goals and 7 assists in the 33 games he has played.