Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed’s superyacht, visiting Barcelona

One of the largest and most spectacular yachts in the world has just docked in Barcelona. Its about ‘Yas’, the superyacht that belongs to Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed, one of the sons of the founder of the United Arab Emirates. During these days, the ship will rest next to the World Trade Cente
r, very close to the well-known Hotel W.

This yacht is 140 meters long, with capacity for 60 guests and 56 crew members. All this can be yours for a small price of $ 180 million.

The ‘Yas’ was first a military ship between 1981 and 1998 and its name was ‘HNLMS Piet Hein’. Later, the United Arab Emirates acquired it for their navy, renaming it ‘Al Emirat’.

In 2005, the sheikh ordered a complete reform that lasted almost a decade! to make it your superyacht personal. And it is that, for years, the great desire to Hamdan bin Zayed is to develop the shipbuilding industry in Abu Dhabi. In addition, he chairs the Red Cross and Moon delegation in the Emirates and a gas company.