Sheffield United strut proudly against Brighton

It’s the football stuff. The Sheffield United, a team that last year dazzled the ‘football planet’ with its attractive proposal in which two of its three center-backs at times seemed extreme who wanted to emulate the best Garrincha, consummated his descent to the Champioship last Saturday April 17; but seven days later, already being a Champioship team again, he decided to become strong to beat him Brighton (1-0) this Saturday. A lonely so much of David mcgoldrick it was enough for those now led by Paul Heckingbottom were imposed by the minimum to those of Graham potter to end a streak of five consecutive defeats which is the one that ended up returning to the Sheffield to the English second division.

It should be noted, however, that the triumph of the Sheffield United It was a consequence of the meritocracy would be to be untruthful. In the initial section, the duel was a ‘dare you, that makes me laugh’, and in those came the aforementioned both Mcgoldrick, who scored almost out of obligation and after the visiting defense was unable to disrupt the danger in their area despite having it very easy to do so.

After that 1-0, the Brighton he became the owner and lord of the duel, but without enough force to find the tie and the score on the scoreboard did not move again, leading to a local triumph as disconcerting as it was sterile.