She asks her boyfriend to marry her nurse while she was vaccinating him

The good news of the worldwide arrival of the coronavirus vaccine bring a halo of hope after long months of bad news. One of the most emotional moments since the vaccination campaign began around the world, has occurred in U.S. The North American country is the one that is suffering the most from the blow of the pandemic and there are already 20,427,780 positives and 350,186 deaths for the disease. Two weeks ago the country began its Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination campaign and it has been in the South Dakota region where one of the most endearing moments has been lived.

A request for a hand full of hope

A health worker from the town of Canton, had the greatest of surprises when he was about to vaccinate his partner, ambulance driver. When the nurse lifted her boyfriend’s sleeve to inject the dose, an engagement ring was found stuck on her arm.

The request for a hand was applauded by all his colleagues present.

“It has been a bit of a crazy year and it has been the most fun trip to have you in my life. So I just want to know … ”, pronounced the ambulance driver in full statement while offering the wedding ring to her future husband. The rest of those present in the room could not contain their emotion and started the applause while the surprised nurse accepted the proposition of her fiancé.