Shapovalov explains why he left the court crying against Djokovic

Denis Shapovalov felt that he had been close to having been able to achieve more before Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon semi-finals. The five-time champion himself admitted that he had been outdone at times by the 22-year-old Canadian, who lit up center court in his first Grand Slam semi-final.

But the crucial points were taken by the most expert and mentally strong. Djokovic will play the final on Sunday against Matteo berrettini after winning by 7-6 (3), 7-5 and 7-5.

Shapovalov left dejectedly, leaving the ‘Cathedral’ to a standing ovation. He couldn’t hold back the tears. He said goodbye with tears. He explained why.

“I think what hurt so much this time was that I felt that the game is there and that it is possible to play for the trophy,” said Shapovalov.

“It’s a feeling I’ve never had before, that’s why it hurt so much. I felt like I was beating Novak in parts of the match. If you’re beating Novak, you can beat anyone, “he said.

I feel terrible, it’s heartbreaking

“In terms of how I felt after the game, it sucked. I felt terrible. And I still feel terrible. I felt like I had opportunities today. I felt like it could have turned out differently. It’s heartbreaking, “he confessed.

”It has been a long month. It’s been a long two weeks. It has been a lot of pressure, a lot of mental fatigue. Everything came out on the court. Sure there are many things to be proud of myself. For sure it is almost good to try a little to want to do a lot more in the next slams and in the future, “he said.

As a valuable lesson, he learned that “now I know exactly what I am capable of and where it can be with my game. In any case, this has made me more hungry to try to win a trophy ”.