Shannen Doherty already knows how she will say goodbye to those close to her if she dies due to cancer.

“With dignity and grace.” This is how actress Shannen Doherty faced her relapse of breast cancer this February that they detected him for the first time in 2015. It was an amazing blow for whoever was the star of Feeling of livingBut it seems that this time has helped him reflect on how to deal with this situation, even if the worst happens.

“It will come out in a matter of days or a week that … I am in phase four. So my cancer has returned, and that is why I am here,” he then confessed in an interview and, shortly after, he returned to “move the ass”. “I’m trying to take care of myself and hug myself every day. It is not always easy. I have days where I find myself depressed or simply weak. But I push myself with the help of friends, “he said shortly after on his return to Instagram.

And now the speech has changed slightly towards someone aware of what it can mean not only for her, but for her relatives that she died. This is what is gleaned from his interview with the magazine Elle, in which he has had no qualms about being completely honest.

The 49-year-old interpreter began by revealing how she realized that something was not right again. “I started exercising and I felt sore,” He has confessed about those first symptoms that put him on the trail of whether or not he had relapsed.

He has also talked about how he decided to break the bad news about his cancer and his treatment to his closest friends: with a dinner at his house where his oncologist was also. It was precisely this who explained that Doherty should undergo “hormonal therapy pTo block the estrogen that is fueling your cancer, in addition to taking a second specific drug that is often effective in stabilizing metastasis. “

In addition, the actress of Haunted or from Mallrats He has revealed to the publication that he has already decided the way in which he will say goodbye to his relatives and close people: through personalized videos and letters that they will receive after you have passed away.

Of course, he assures that he has not yet dealt with it, because he understands that if he does so it would be a great lack of hope and that he is in the terminal phase. “I haven’t sat down to write the letters yet. There are certain things I need to say to my mother. I want my husband to know all that he means to me. That’s something I definitely have to do. But whenever the time comes to do it, it seems too definitive to me, “he explained.

“It’s like you’re closing a cycle and I’m not. I feel like I’m still a very, very healthy human being. It’s hard to end all your affairs when you feel like you will live at least another 10 to 15 years, “added Doherty, recently reported by Jason Priestley.

The 51-year-old Canadian actor played his brother in Living Sensation and they have remained friends. So much that he visits her “as often as possible” to find out “how she feels from day to day.” “We talk and I always see her with a lot of courage and energy. She is a very strong woman, she always has been, and I am convinced that he will fight as hard as he can, “he declared.