Sevilla returns 2,500 tickets for the European Super Cup

He Seville has returned to the UEFA 2,500 tickets for the European Super Cup of the 3,000 that the governing body of European football awarded for each club, so the team of Julen lopetegui will be in Budapest in a clear minority with respect to the support that Bayern Munich will have, whose fans have exhausted all available tickets.

The cost of the flights, the situation of the pandemic and the strict health controls required by the Hungarian Government in the midst of a health and economic crisis do not invite the Sevilla fan to travel that for the Germans is much more comfortable, since only 650 kilometers away they separate Munich from Budapest and there is a good and cheap rail connection between both cities.

Although the figures are not official, ‘Canal Sur’ announced that only 500 sevillistas have withdrawn their town within the deadline set by UEFA, which ended a week ago. The Federation of Peñas has organized a trip with a flight of 180 passengers, while the rest have organized the trip through regular flights. The displacement requires by imposition of the Hungarian Government not to be more than 72 hours in the Magyar country and requires a negative PCR test certified in Hungarian or English. Bayern Munich’s initiative to offer this free trial to all traveling fans is another important factor that makes the difference between the mobilization of one fans and another.