“Sevilla has been a just winner”

Joaquín Sánchez, captain of Real Betis, entered the field with a 2-0 against, with just 20 minutes to go, and he did not object to the defeat of Real Betis against Sevilla FC: “I am screwed, because, although It was a different derby because of the circumstances we are going through and with the empty stands, you leave with a painful defeat. Sevilla has been a just winner. We have no choice but to fight to reverse this situation on Monday to be able to fight for what we marked at the beginning of the season, ”said the Portuense player after the game at the Movistar Plus microphones.

“During the year, we have had good things, but we have lacked others. We were coming at a good time, culminating in a great victory against Real Madrid. Unfortunately, LaLiga stopped there and, apparently, it has not been good for us. Sevilla are a great team and you can’t leave anything to improvisation. I do not see well the play of the penalty, but I think it is an action in the area as there are many. The problem is in the criterion, which sometimes hurts you and sometimes does not. “

The Betico captain regretted that “the occasions they have had were not known to materialize”, although he acknowledged that “in that final stretch, more were created, but Sevilla have been just victorious. It is difficult to say something to the fans “:” We wanted to give him a joy and we are very sorry. They are screwed right now, because although there were eleven games left, this one was special. We will not look for excuses, because there are none; we can only turn the situation around Granada “.