Sevilla expresses its ‘frotal rejection’ to the Superliga

The Sevilla FC board of directors expressed on Monday its “frontal rejection” of the creation of the European Super League by twelve European clubs, including Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético, considering it “a tournament based exclusively on economic parameters and outside the scope of UEFA performance “.

Faced with the information regarding the creation of this new competition “organized and managed privately by European clubs from different countries”, Sevilla rejected this project in a statement because it was also outside of UEFA, “the umbrella institution for the different national associations of continental football “.

“A competition like this one, in which you participate by invitation, goes absolutely against the spirit of sport in general and traditional football in particular. This approach is manifestly contrary to our DNA of never giving up and challenging ourselves every day. more and more ambitious, with the idea of ​​overcoming them day by day on the pitch, “he stressed.

The Sevilla club argued that this Super League “would only serve to harm football in general and the rest of the teams”, while “severely hitting society and punishing the vast majority of real football fans, who are they would be left without the true essence of this sport: the illusion of enjoying their team and seeing it compete for the highest aspirations. “

Sevilla, tenth in the UEFA ranking for its seven titles so far this century (6 in the UEFA / Europa League and one Super Cup), specified that “it is aware that, on occasions, changes such as those made today in the UEFA Executive Committee in relation to the format of the Champions League are necessary “, but always from the dialogue.

“We understand that they provide a solid foundation for all European clubs, but these changes always have to be developed within the scope of discussion between member associations, clubs, and leagues, without excluding any group and with a global vision of protection. of the general football ecosystem, “said the club chaired by José Castro.

With the accession of Sevilla, the six Andalusian professional clubs have joined LaLiga’s rejection of the project of this new European Super League, by also supporting the position of the employers Real Betis, Granada, Cádiz, Málaga and Almería.