Several points in common in Athletic

Athletic finds itself in no man’s land after having enjoyed its title in the Super Cup and suffered two defeats in its many other Cup finals. Last Wednesday’s match at Villamarín was, therefore, the landing of the Bilbao team in its harsh and harsh reality. The seven days that remain to finish the League will serve to refine positions and, above all, to outline what the next season may be.

In Lezama there is no evidence of Tottenham’s alleged interest in Marcelino. The Asturian coach himself took charge last Wednesday of clarifying at Villamarín that he is happy at Athletic. It is in their hands, therefore, to be making the template for the coming campaign.

Some shortcomings detected by his predecessor in office have been in evidence throughout these nearly four months that the rojiblanco coach has been in Lezama. The team continues to be unable to win two consecutive league matches, it has serious problems facing the goal and individual errors penalize it more than it should.. Nothing new, therefore, on the horizon.

The garter baggage of Marcelino as Athletic coach is 14 games, of which three have been won and lost and the remaining eight tied. Getafe and Granada in San Mamés and Cádiz in Carranza were the victims of the lions. Those of Bordalás and Álvaro Cervera succumbed by a landslide (5-1 and 0-4, respectively).

In these two matches, curiously, the Asturian coach’s pupils signed almost half of the goals they have accumulated since the relief took place on the bench. 9 out of 20, which means that in the remaining twelve games the baggage behind the team slightly exceeded ten goals (11 in 12 games). Not one per encounter.

The three league defeats of Athletic de Marcelino were against two of those at the top of the table. Against Barça inside and outside of San Mamés (2-3 and 2-1) and against the Atlético leader in Wanda (2-1). The lions, according to these markers, have always lost by the minimum and seeing the door.

Too many ties

The problem of the Bilbao team in regard to the regularity tournament is given by its numerous draws. Ties that in a good part of the occasions have had to fall on the rojiblanco side. The individual errors behind and the lack of instinct and killer accuracy at the top have taken their toll.

These eight tables are divided equally. Four in San Mamés and many others far from Bilbao. Valencia, Villarreal, Eibar and Alavés added in the rojiblanco stadium while Levante, Celta, Real and Betis gave up a point at home.

Marcelino’s men scored a total of four goals in those eight tied games. One target, therefore, every two crashes. The distribution of the targets is also equitable with respect to the place where they were achieved (two at home, two away).

The overall baggage of Athletic during these first fourteen league games with the Asturian coach on the bench is summarized, therefore, in 17 points out of a total of 42; 20 goals for and 14 against. Garitano, for his part, remained 17 games with a balance of 18 points out of 51 with 20 goals in favor and 22 against.