Several FCF executives ask for explanations

On Friday the 5th, after half past ten at night, most of the directors of the Catalan Federation They received the notification that a series of meetings was being called on Monday and, of course, without disclosing the agenda.

The executive is summoned at 4:30 p.m. That of territorial delegates at 5:00 p.m. Finally, the board of directors plans to take effect from 18.00.

This last call can be quite moved, as long as they let a series of executives who want answers speak, from the president Joan Soteras and the general director José Miguel Calle, about what is happening in the FCF, concerning the imputation of José Miguel Calle and his wife Mónica Zapata, for an alleged misappropriation within futsal and that by the way, last week, the Court of Instruction number 15, which has summoned them for April 19 along with the rest of the defendants, returned to request more documentation on the payment of invoices.

You will also try to ask Joan Soteras the situation in which the senior management contract and the corresponding shield of José Miguel Calle is found, since we must not forget that Decree 58/2010, of May 4, talks about the sports entities of Catalonia in article 116 on senior management contracts the following: “Sports federations can sign employment contracts for senior management provided that the members present on the board of directors approve by an absolute majority the agreement, the amount of the remuneration and other conditions of the contract. The federations will inform the Sports Administration of the Generalitat of all senior management contracts that the federation has formalized ”.

Soteras will throw balls out

Joan Soteras himself will be reminded that in the assembly held in Tàrrega, as recorded in the minutes, he said that his net salary of 120,000 euros per year, 100,000 was paid by the RFEF and the other 20,000 by the Catalan Federation. Actually, the amount comes from Madrid, in a single item, is for the professionalization of the FCF and the 100,000 euros are distributed by two lawyers from the FCF and the rest goes to workers in the delegations. Another point to discuss is to know if the Foundation paid the campus expenses, in terms of buses, meals and clothes for the children, apart from the amount of 33,880 euros including 21% VAT that the Fundació Privada Catalana de Futbol entered the account of Joan Soteras’ son-in-law, in July 2019.