Seven keys to the grand final of the Real in El Sadar

The Real He does not arrive at the last day with his homework done, but with the optimism of completing a task that has advanced. Your options of certifying the fifth position that you now occupy and, especially, of finishing in the top six to earn a place in the Europe
League They are very high, even without the need to achieve the victory against Osasuna at El Sadar that would seal him without having to wait for what his direct rivals, Betis and Villarreal, do. The team of Imanol it goes hand in hand and enjoys several factors that make him undertake this last battle with the conviction of buckling the course with a new satisfaction. The big date, finally, is Saturday at 6 pm. La Liga advances the day so that Villarreal has more time to prepare for the Europa League final.

The most relevant thing is that Real reaches the decisive day with an advantage of one point (it is fifth with 59) over its pursuers. In addition, he has the particular goalaverage won with Betis (sixth with 58) and tied with Villarreal (seventh with 58), which he surpasses (+3) in the general. In order for the two teams to unseat him and he must settle for seventh place and the contest in the Conference League must produce the unlikely equation that he loses at El Sadar and both Betis in Vigo win over Celta and Villarreal against Madrid in Valdebebas. In addition, the Real has a Isak ‘On fire’ and play against an opponent with less need on a hot but empty field.

1. Isak: a decisive forward for the moment of truth

La Real will appear at El Sadar with a huge asset: Alexander Isak. This is the current reference. The Swede broke the game against Valladolid with quality, speed and aim, ideal features for a final day that will be marked by tension. Isak forced himself to play against the pucelanos after being injured in the Metropolitan and will return, if he does not get worse, to leave his skin for the auction to the League. He arrives at the moment of truth being more decisive than ever, since he is already the realist with the best average of goals per minute played (one every 141), surpassing Roberto López.

2. The smoke coming out of the calculator is txuri urdin

It is possible that the results of the last day force to do elaborate calculations to decipher who qualifies for the Europa League and which team is relegated to the Conference League. For now, the good news for La Real is that it goes hand in hand. Because it is fifth, that is, it starts with an advantage over Betis and Villarreal with one more point. So those of Imanol depend on themselves. The direct way is to beat Osasuna. In this case, Real will keep fifth place at the end of the League and will play the Europa League. If the txuri urdin tie in the Old Kingdom they will be fifth or sixth with which Betis or Villarreal tie or lose against Celta and Real Madrid respectively. A point against Osasuna would mean for Real falling to seventh position in the Conference League if both Betis and Villarreal won. With a Real defeat in El Sadar, anything can happen: finish fifth, in case Betis and Villarreal also lose; if Andalusians or yellows improve the realistic defeat, they would put themselves ahead and if they agreed, the Real would fall to the Conference. Ties are likely to come into play in the final locker. La Real will win the game against Benito Villamarín’s team if they end up equal to 59 points, that is, as long as Real loses and Betis draws. The particular goal average benefits the realists. With Villarreal he is in a draw. But La Real has three goals in favor thanks to the general average (+20 and +17). The option for Emery’s team to prevail here is bizarre: Real would have to lose 4-0 or more in Iruñea and the “submarine” draw in Valdebebas. If there is a triple tie, Real is victorious.

3. All or nothing ends in happiness with Imanol at the helm

La Real has been fond of all or nothing in recent times. With Imanol Alguacil in command of the operations, he comes out heads and not tails on most occasions. That the Oriotarra is the coach with the whole game when there is no more wax than burns is an absolute guarantee. The eight single-game qualifiers of the Copa del Rey 19/20 were victories; the tie in the Metropolitan that gave the ticket to Europe was agonizing and heroic; the final against Athletic ended in happiness; and a goal by Willian José in the final sigh against Napoli meant the pass to 1/16 of the UEL.

4. A Europa League final, the most justified dispersion

One of Real’s two rivals is a Villarreal who will have at least part of his mind thinking about something else. It is the most justified dispersion for Unai Emery from Hondarribiarra. Four days after closing the League with everything at stake, Villarreal plays nothing less than the final of the Europa League against Manchester United, on Wednesday in Dansk, Poland. The appointment brings together all the conditions for Castellón to come out on Saturday with respect, since the title also gives them a pass to the Champions League. And on top of that they visit a Real Madrid with alirón options.

5. The incidence rate of 191 forces the party to be closed

Saturday’s game between Osasuna and Real Sociedad in El Sadar, in case there were any doubts, will take place behind closed doors, without fans of both teams in the stands. The condition that the Spanish Government established to allow the access of fans to the stadium is that the autonomous community of the local team was in phase 1 of recovery from the pandemic, that is, with a figure of less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Navarra yesterday presented an incidence rate of 191.26 per 100,000 inhabitants, so the Real will end the season as it began: without fans.

6. Celta, Betis rival, unstoppable: has five consecutive victories

One of the necessary factors for Real to dismount from the Europa League positions is that Betis defeat Celta in Balaídos. Although this circumstance can be considered as probable considering that the Galicians face their first game without any possibility of qualifying for Europe, the very spectacular dynamics of Coudet’s men make the Betic enthusiasm disappear. Celta have won their last five games, those after their defeat at Anoeta: 2-1 to Osasuna, 2-0 to Levante, 2-4 to Villarreal, 1-0 to Getafe and 1-2 to Barcelona at the Camp Nou .

7. The possible relaxation of a friendly club with homework done

It would be wrong for Real to trust that Osasuna will not put everything on its side or that it will collect its pending debt from 2001. It did not do so in 2007 when the txuri urdin squad needed the points to save itself – it lost and soon after it descended -, no He is going to do it now 20 years later. In any case, there is more confidence in a possible relaxation of an enemy who arrives with his homework done, the salvation buckled weeks ago, but who can be classified between 9th and 14th, with the incentive of being ahead of Athletic. The coach, Jagoba Arrasate, is a recognized realist fan.