Setback for Marcelino at the start of Athletic’s preseason

Marcelino He will not be able to count on all his players in the preseason that begins today when the team goes out to practice for the first time at 6:30 in the afternoon. The Asturian coach will not be able to work in a group with eight lions who suffer from various physical problems. Nor will they be in Lezama today Unai
Simon, which ended its Eurocup journey yesterday and then will play the Tokyo Olympics, and Mikel
Vesga, confined to his home after testing positive for Covid-19.

The medical report issued by the club says that Ander Layer and Oier
Zarraga have evolved very well in recent weeks and are in the last stages of their physical readjustment, while Yeray the margin of his companions will begin “due to some discomfort in the left patellar tendon”.

Berchiche, who was unable to play since the Cup final against Barça played on April 17, will be submitted to further consultations because his pubic discomfort has not completely resolved.

Williams He will gradually join the group after overcoming an injury to his right thigh that occurred in the last game of last season played against Elche. For its part, Iñigo
Cordova, Nolaskoain Y Kenan
Kodro They will carry out specific work and rehabilitation after the operations to which they were subjected the previous course.