Serra Ferrer sells his Betis shares to Caro Ledesma

Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, who last December was the visible head of the group of shareholders ‘Another Betis is possible’, which tried unsuccessfully to overthrow the current Real Betis board of directors, led by Ángel Haro and José Miguel López Catalán, has reached an agreement to sell its 1% of shares of the Verdiblanco club to former director Joaquín Caro Ledesma, another of the members of the group of shareholders who stood up to the current council at the last meeting.

Serra paid in February 2018 about 550,000 euros for that package of shares and now he has sold it for double, just over a million euros, since those titles are being paid at 880 euros and were acquired a little more than three years ago to 476.69 euros, when the process of buying and selling the shares of Manuel Ruiz de Lopera was completed, in which thousands of minority shareholders (more than 14,000) also participated who were able to acquire single shares at 120 euros, which have now multiplied for seven or eight its value.

Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, who as coach is the one who has led the most games at Real Betis in its history, in two stages (1994/97 and 2004/06) -both under the mandate of Manuel Ruiz de Lopera- and one of those achieved the greatest successes on the bench, he returned to Betis in May 2017 as sports vice president, led by Ángel Haro and José Miguel López Catalán, but after two years he resigned after disagreements with Quique Setién and when his executive functions were curtailed in the sports field of the club, where they offered him to continue with a more consultative advisory position.

Serra arrived in the spring of 2017 -Betis finished 15th that 2016/17 season- to support Haro and Catalán against an alternative candidacy in the Extraordinary General Meeting of June of that year led by former director Rafael Salas, who was also part last December, together with Caro Ledesma and others, from the group that gathered around Serra to try to unseat Haro and Catalán from the club’s governing body.

Serra formed a successful tandem during his first year and a good part of the second with Quique Setién, whose signing was already advanced by sports director Miguel Torrecilla, who a few days after the arrival of the Balearic Islands resigned as sports director of Betis due to incompatibility of characters. In April 2019, after losing 4-0 to Levante, Serra proposed the dismissal of Quique Setién as coach – his relations had already deteriorated for some time – but the council did not support him and weeks later, at the end of the 2018/19 campaign, Setién decided not to fulfill the third year of his contract that he had. Days later a substantial change in his duties was proposed to Serra from the council and he resigned from his paid position as vice president of the club.

After Real Betis completed a bad campaign in 2019/20 under the command of Rubi -whose signing the Balearic Islands supported before resigning-, Serra reappeared last December on the Betis scene, being the visible head of the group ‘Otro Betis It is possible ‘and demanding, together with a series of weight shareholders, the support of small shareholders to unseat Haro and Catalán. After not getting the expected number of supporters, Serra did not speak at the club’s shareholders’ meeting and now has just completed the sale to former director Joaquín Caro Ledesma of the share package – 1% – that he still held, after rejecting others offers for it from a member of the current council. Caro Ledesma, who already bought months ago, in several batches, two important packages of shares from former director Manuel Castaño, is currently the third largest shareholder of the club, after Ángel Haro and José Miguel López Catalán, together with whom he was a director a few months before to resign for having little decision-making power within the board of directors.