Sergio: ‘Winning a game will change everything’

The coach of the Real Valladolid, Sergio Gonzalez, He is aware that time is running out, and that the need for a victory is even more pressing because, in his opinion, “a victory will make everything change, since it would serve as an impulse in the final stretch of the league.”

In a telematic press conference, the Catalan coach pointed out that “when there are matches every three days, the physical issue acquires even more importance”, hence changes are foreseen to face the clash on Saturday against the Cadiz, which could include the entry of El And so what and of Kiko Olivas in the center of defense.

In this sense, he has warned that “Bruno He has been in a lot of matches and the wear and tear is evident, while Joaquin ended up playing more with the soul than with the body “before him Elche, a match from which they have to “take the best” and “learn from mistakes so as not to commit them again.”

Failures that were determined by an evident lack of concentration in some phases of the meeting, although they were finally able to achieve a point that, according to Sergio, It has been returned to them “of the many” who have lost in specific plays after having played good games.

Alvaro Cervera has warned that the Cadiz will make “many changes” and that his objective is that the clash “becomes long” to “play with the anxiety” of Valladolid. In this sense, the Real Valladolid coach will try to counteract this forecast “by having a good game and causing their discomfort.”

“It is true that they start with the tranquility of being in a looser position in the table and we have to try to counteract that, giving rhythm to the game, being more aggressive and intense and understanding that it lasts 90 minutes. We have to be ambitious, but with head and temper, “he explained.

The blanquivioleta team has as a reference the commitment to the Elche “since it bears many similarities with the Cadiz, with vertical bands, a player like Negredo which is similar to Boyé, since it gives them oxygen, and it is also an intense, strong and effective team in aerial duels “, he has analyzed.

Valladolid’s squad has to “clean their heads”, regarding that bad game against him. Elche, “because there is a new opportunity to claim and win” and that will be “the best medicine to regain mental strength”, something that affects, especially, the teams that are in the lower part of the classification.

Sergio has not wanted to give clues about the scheme that he is going to propose against the Andalusian team, but he is clear that “you have to have more the ball and enhance the offensive actions but watching their transitions, since Cadiz It is a team with very clear ideas, which is comfortable without the ball, shoots well at the wings, which are supported by the wings, and arrives with a lot of people in the finishing area, “he added.

The Real Valladolid coach assumes that people are not satisfied with the team’s performance “because the results rule, and five victories are few for what has been done and so that everyone’s emotional level is more stable.”

The Israeli striker Shon weissman He has already recovered, although he still feels some pain in his ankle and, in the case of Kiko Olivas, They are managing the moment in which he can leave, since he “lacks competitive rhythm”, but could enjoy his first minutes on the grass, for more than nine months.