Sergio: ‘We lacked fortune to add’

The technician of Real Valladolid, Sergio González, has indicated, after being defeated against Valencia, that, although the rival “was better in the first half, with mechanisms that we did not have, in the second Valladolid was better and a bit of fortune was missing to have added, at least , a point”.

“A genius of Carlos Soler or a failure of ours has given victory to Valencia, at a time when the team was playing well and then we had that last shot at the post by Guardiola, which made us lose an opportunity to gain stability, direction and oxygen to work better ”, he analyzed.

Sergio considers that his team has been “at the same level as Valencia”, hence the defeat is “tough”, but he also believes that when they have “that option to be better, to get the best version of the players”, They “stop” and “no” manage to “find that continuity.”

In his opinion, Valencia it hurt them “because Wass internalized a lot and Correia created danger, just like Cheryshev and GayáBut we corrected that, we took second plays, we understood the game better, we controlled the losses of the ball better and they stopped hurting us on the wings, but Carlos Soler’s hit made an even game uneven ”.

A hit that entered “through the center of the goal of Masip“Which is” a failure “of the goalkeeper, but” Jordi had made a good game and we all failed, so what remains is to get up and solve it against Elche, “the Catalan coach warned.

He explained that the low The Yamiq was a setback, since he had earned the ownership, and his replacement was Javi sanchez “Because he was more shot than Joaquín, and he played a good game”, while Waldo he did not enter the squad because “he suffered a sprain in the team’s penultimate training session.”

Finally, he assured that “the issue of the need for a forward in the winter market is clear”, but did not want to specify more in this regard, assuring that they were “annoyed” by the defeat, since they wanted “to continue growing “And they could not be” neither comfortable in the field nor successful, as before Getafe”.