Sergio Ramos is ‘crushed’ to get to the Villarreal game

The closest goal of Sergio
Bouquets is to be able to be available to Zidane in the last league game against him Villarreal next Saturday.

The captain, who has missed several important commitments with the numerous injuries he has dragged this season, wants to dismiss the season on the pitch with the intention of applying to the list of Lewis
Enrique for the Eurocup.

So, the camero is ‘pounding’ in his private gym just as he does in Valdebebas where have you gone in these two days that Zidane has given rest to the staff. And all that work, as usual, he wanted to demonstrate on social networks with a video in which you can see how he exercises with a medicine ball that strengthens practically all the muscles of the trunk.

And this is how it works Sergio
Bouquets to be next Saturday before him Villarreal and fight to conquer a League that, although it is complicated, is not impossible.