Sergio Ramos celebrated his birthday with the national team

Sergio Ramos celebrated his birthdays, today he turns 35, with the national team. The center-back received a cake with the figure of 35 and a balloon as decoration of the cake. It was in the dining room while everyone was eating and Ramos thanked the gesture after hearing the happy birthday from his colleagues.

“For me it is always a privilege to be years old, although it causes sadness to other people, it causes me a lot of joy because we are growing, getting older, but we are gaining it in experience,” he said. Bouquets, to add that “I have been here for 16 years and it is a privilege to have been representing your country for so many years. I continue to keep the illusion intact in each call and I am very excited to be here, to share with new people, with young people who are pressing. I think we have formed a very great team and hopefully we will shine and have and be successful. I will blow out the candles with all of you thinking about the success of our selection. Thank you very much because every time I come I enjoy it as if it were the last ”.