Sergio Ramos, before a decisive week

Sergio Ramos He enters a week that points out that it will be decisive for his future at Real Madrid. The central, except for surprise, will be concentrated with the selection from next Monday to prepare for the Eurocup. Thus, this week he should decide if he remains at Real Madrid or leaves since his contract ends on June 30.

Real Madrid offers him one more year of contract with the same salary, but with a reduction of 10%. Something that Ramos accepts, but what he wants is a two-year contract, something that Real Madrid does not offer him.

This is how the positions are at the moment and a meeting is pending between Florentino Pérez to unblock this situation and that the soap opera Bouquets finish once and for all. And that could happen this week because everything indicates that the player does not want to go to the European Championship with his future still in the air.