Sergio highlights the ‘race and packaging’ of Valladolid to tie

The coach of Real Valladolid, Sergio González, has ensured that the point achieved today before the Betis “continues to show the way”, not as they wanted, since the objective was victory but because “the team has shown race and packaging and has gone to the maximum until the last minute”.

“The team has competed well, with a first half at a high level, in which the quality of Betis has been minimized, taking the initiative of the game, although I was pissed off by the attitude in the first minutes of the second half, in which they took advantage of the accumulation of errors to score the goal, “he analyzed.

Sergio stressed that “the team was rebuilt, and with that race and packaging, with a good head, the tie was achieved”, and this way of acting “can give permanence.”

Having had Joaquin as a link between the defense and the center of the field is “one more resource” for the Real Valladolid, who wanted to counteract the power of Betis inside, with men like Canals and Fekir, although he has warned that “more offensive arrival has been lacking in some lateral center”.

“The team has interpreted the system well and Joaquín has provided security in that center of the field. The players have been comfortable and have always sought victory “, added Sergio, who regretted that this season, the team “has been hit on all sides” and luck has not been favorable.

For this reason, he considers that “despite so much damage, it is a merit that the team continues to rise “ and he has admitted that “although it is an accumulated so many setbacks, it is necessary to throw and think about the next game”, since it continues depending on them in that fight for permanence.

As indicated, “Weissman is being the main offensive flow, because he is a player who has a sense of goal, and is at a high level “hence he is” one of the protagonists “, but he has warned that” so are the others “, since it takes” the work of everything the team “, both on and off the field.

Sergio has observed that in “the last minutes of the game it is not that the team has backed down, but that there has been a great physical exhaustion, and that’s why so many changes were made at once. “

“All the players have done their best to fight for the three points and they have shown courage to pay for their actions, and they have enjoyed a few more chances to have scored more goals, “he commented.

“Now we must get in shape, clean our heads, be optimistic and look for the best fragments of the different games to face the remainder of the season, and seek fortune to be able to find that long-awaited victory “, he concluded.