Sergio González: ‘Ronaldo’s confidence in me has been brutal’

Sergio Gonzalez gave an interview to the program ‘The spar’ in which he spoke of the delicate situation of the Real Valladolid, of the last victory against Getafe and other aspects.

The Catalan thanked the support he has had from the board. Nevertheless. “Everytime that Ronaldo that he sees me, his facial gesture, how he speaks to me and his tone is full of confidence, brutal. Miguel Ángel Gómez, the same. But I’m a football guy and, in the end, we all know when critical moments are and when we are in difficult situations ”.

Sergio added that “I have not thought about throwing in the towel because, in the end, that is transmitted to you by the footballer. You are seeing if you are reaching them, if, really, you have the capacity, you have possibilities ”.

The technician explained details you have modified. “You change hotels, you change group talks, you change set pieces, you change sessions, you change tasks. In the end, it’s trying to be another coach, but without wearing wigs, even though one day I told them I was wearing them and they laughed. We have tried to change the structure, but where we are more comfortable is in that 1-4-4-2 or in that 1-4-2-3-1. You have to try to change four or five behaviors, but without losing the idea of ​​the game ”.

Sergio appreciated the victory against him Getafe. “In the end, we had a not very good streak, I think we had a very important downturn at home against Sociedad Deportiva Huesca and in Vitoria. Those two games did us a lot of damage, they made us stagger. Then the team got together, we got together, we took a good look at each other and we drew strength. From there, I think the team took a very important step, I think Eibar saw a little improvement and against Real Madrid, against Celta and against Getafe, that sequence of good feelings was shown that ended with that such an important victory, “he said.

The Blanquivioleta coach also commented that “I took off Twitter, I have the account, I appear, but I am logged out. He was the only active trainer who kept the account personally because it is regularly kept by someone else. Honestly, I was handling it well and it wasn’t influencing me. But the moment came that I became overheated because I was reading it and, perhaps, I was paying more attention to it than it should. That is why I preferred to separate myself from that world and live the world of a lifetime, the normal one. People cheer me up on the street. On a day-to-day basis, there is one people on the street and, on social media, quite another because, even though I removed myself from Twitter, things keep coming back to me. It is as if we live in two parallel worlds. In the world of social networks, I do not know if it is because people are younger, they put a lot of cane in us. People of your generation or people who have been a partner for a long time are the opposite because they push you and encourage you. There are times when I want to be more on the street than inside the house ”.

Sergio also spoke of arbitration criteria as for the hands. “I am not sure when it is hand and when it is not. But, right now, as we are, it is better not to get into trouble and be on the sidelines of everything because we have 12 difficult and exciting days left with a lot of energy. I only wish that they are very successful and that the same thing is called in all fields. Now, in the fields, it seems that the one who shouts the most is the one who receives much more attention. It seems that everything is magnified. And, it is true, that we sometimes try to deceive the referee because right now everything that is said comes very close to him. That feeling of pressure seems that it may or may not influence decision-making. When there is an audience, all this will settle down ”.