Sergio González: ‘Nothing has been done yet and there is still a long way to go’

The coach of the Real Valladolid, Sergio González, has warned this Thursday, in a telematic press conference that, despite the importance of the victory achieved against Getafe “nothing has been done” and “there is still a long way to go”.

“That victory has meant restoring confidence to the team, removing the bad feeling of not winning and recovering energy, but much remains to be done and said. You have to park every game and look to the future with optimism, taking advantage of the faith and ambition that we all now have to continue growing, “he said.

In this sense, he insisted that “after the Huesca game, the squad was conspired and now everyone is pushing from the place where they have to be”, which he considers essential to “maintain that flame and energy”, since the final “sprint” is going to demand intensity and enthusiasm.

In his opinion, “the league can be divided into three thirds: in the first the players are placed; in the second there are more individuals and, in the third, the team is the most important thing, and everyone understands that eleven come out but that the rest must be prepared for what is needed. “

Consider that “we need to be closer together, both in attack and defense, that there are no distances between the lines“And, from there, he believes that they will find” arguments to be able to play “, transferring to the field the weekly plan” that has to be executed hand in hand, all together “.

“The pieces fit together better to generate goal situations and start from behind, with clear ideas of what to do. And, luckily, players have been recovering and now we have more tools to be able to surprise the rival “, has specified.

Follow considering “a challenge” to leave the goal “to zero“And, in this sense, he has assured that” you have to produce offensively, but without ever losing sight of that objective: that of preventing the rival from scoring goals. “

Therefore, it will be one of the aspects that focuses your attention in the face of Saturday’s match against Osasuna “A team that should be in the fight for permanence, but that has dealt a strong blow in recent games and has distanced itself in the standings.”

“It is a team that competes well, that finds the perfect match plan, which, in its fiefdom, tends to focus on a 4-4-2 with Calleri and Budimir on point of attack; that does damage to set pieces and with his lateral centers; who has an advanced defensive line and likes to play in the opposite field, “he analyzed.

To this is added that “they print a strong, intense rhythm, with a lot of speed and verticality “, by the hand of Jagoba Arrasate, a “great coach, who is doing things well.” Hence, he considers decisive “that the centrals are attentive, that the second plays of the rival are stopped and, with the ball, appear in the spaces that have been detected to harm them.”

Although he did not want to provide clues to the contrary, Sergio González has always been in favor of “not moving what works”, so everything indicates that, in Pamplona, ​​it will maintain that 4-4-2, with Weissman and Guardiola as offensive referents, and with little or no change with respect to the scheme proposed against Getafe.

Regarding the possibility that in the final stretch of the league there may be an audience in the stadiums, the Catalan coach explained that “As a society, it would mean taking a step forward“, since it would mean that” everything is better “, but considers that” the league should end as it started “.