Sergio González: ‘In the first half we were not up to the level of the shield’

The coach of the Valladolid, Sergio González, did not put any but to the bad image that his team gave at the Reale Arena and went so far as to say that in the first half they were not “up to the shield.”

“Against Valencia and Villarreal we came out very well and many recognized it that way, but today nothing of what we had raised was executed well and it was my fault “, admitted the preparer of the pucelano set.

“I want to apologize for the game we played today in the first half, for how important this match was for us,” González lamented again, who believes that the entire pre-match strategy fell apart “with Isak’s goals, the first with 3 defenses ahead “.

The chances of your team remaining in the First Division are slim, as González recognized, who asked his players to “finish off Atlético with the greatest possible dignity and not stain everything, having also lost against Valencia, Villarreal, Real Sociedad …”.

The Barcelona coach said that for the last day “you have to hold on to that little hope that remains“, despite the fact that in addition to winning the leader, third party results have to be achieved.

He avoided talking about his future for next season, with his continuity at the forward, and stressed that now it’s time to “finish the season by winning on Sunday.”