Sergio González appeals ‘to integrity and personality’ to beat Betis

The coach of the Real Valladolid, Sergio González, has appealed to the “integrity and personality” that led the team to draw in the last match against Athletic, after losing, in order to add three points against Betis, this Sunday, at José Zorrilla.

“That reaction capacity that the team showed against Athletic, his desire to continue in the First Division, must strengthen us to compete well against Betis and achieve victory. We must strengthen ourselves in the good phases, trying to be more effective in them, and be closer together in the bad ones, “he warned.

In a telematic press conference, the Catalan technician commented that “having a full 90 minutes is difficult” and, knowing it, he considers key “be able to materialize the occasions when the game is dominated, and survive with more strength and cohesion when it is the rival who does it. “

In his opinion, “offensive production has been bulky, except in Elche, but you have to improve the definition, while on the defensive plot it is important to keep a clean sheet, because that strengthens going to the attack with more conviction “and, with the pressure they have now,” minimizing the error is what will allow scoring. “

Sergio is clear that on the field, and outside of it “everyone has to be leaders”Although it is logical that “more experienced people take a step forward and make themselves more noticeable in moments of nervousness”, but it is important that “there are regional and group leaders”, because the determining factor “is the collective”.

“Emotionally, the last stage against Athletic was brutal, with that anger and that union, which is the strength that is needed against a team like Betis, which likes to have the ball, which channels the game well, combines well and has sides that join the attack “.

In addition, the Andalusian team “has important players, such as Sergio Canales, who is the engine of the team, together with FeKir, without forgetting Borja Iglesias, that has many virtues, or Saved, who gives a lot of temper “and therefore considers it key to” cover the lines from the inside “.

With a final stretch of the league of many consecutive games, the Real Valladolid coach considers that “priority should be given to getting the eleven that is considered to win the rival and give everything, but there are extreme situations and players who accumulate a lot of wear and tear, hence there are rotations. “

“We work talking a lot with everyone, knowing what we need for each game and now the fundamental thing is that everyone is squeezed to the maximum in the field “, Sergio has qualified, who will have the entire staff, except for Raúl Carnero, which will force you to make discards.

In this regard, it has indicated that “nobody deserves to be left out of the call and, although at other times we try to do more wardrobe management and empathize, now what we have to do is execute and look for the best possible options for each commitment “.

Is aware that the team has had “few weeks of joy overflowing “, but in many matches that have drawn” it has been closer to victory “and for this reason he believes that it is necessary to” take advantage of the talent and competitiveness that has been shown, because many things are done well “.

“In fact, we are adding a streak in which we have been better than the rival in many phases of the game, although later that has been obscured by the mistakes that have resulted in a goal from the opponent, but we have to believe in ourselves to get this done, with honesty and ambition “, has added.

By last, regarding the return of Kiko Olivas to the call, Sergio has warned that “we must be cautious to try to continue growing with the team”, while admitting that his return has supposed “a brutal emotional reinforcement for the team ”.