Sergio Busquets: ‘We have taken pride and pride is what I feel for my teammates’

Sergio Busquets had nothing but praise for his teammates after Spain fell on penalties against Italy and was left at the gates of the Euro Cup final.

The captain of La Roja lamented the final result, although he highlighted the virtues of a team that has performed above expectations during the tournament.

“A pity, we wanted the tournament not to end today but that’s how football is. The team has been very good, we have been better in almost every moment of the game. We have taken pride, and it is the pride I feel for my teammates, “he said after the meeting.

“They all favored Italy but we have shown that we are superior. With many young players, which has helped them gain a lot of confidence. The team is coming back. Everything we wanted has predominated, I play with the ball, recover as soon as possible … In superior lines I think we have been superior. Soccer is like that and it’s time to congratulate them, ”lamented Busquets, who did not want to talk about his future in the national team.

“This is not the time to think about me. It is the moment to be sad and at the same time proud. It is not time to think about me and yes about the collective ”.

He also did not want to reveal whether or not he will be at the World Cup next 2022.

“There is a year and a half left for the World Cup but this is the way. There is a great team and this is the path, although we have not been able to complete it as we would have liked ”.