Sergio: ‘Atleti is going to come to crush us’

The coach of the Real Valladolid, Sergio González, has assured this Thursday, in a telematic press conference, that if he had seen that by taking “a step to the side” the team would have achieved salvation, he would have done so, but everyone believed “firmly” that it was going to be achieved.

“I am honest. I’ve been a player too. And be clear that if at some point I had seen that, by taking a step to the side, the team had been saved, I would have done it, but I did not have that feeling, nor did the rest of the club. We were all convinced that the objective was going to be achieved ”, he explained.

In this sense, he has warned that “when what is marked is not achieved, what has not been done is what would have been the best” and, in this sense, he recalled that last season “the bench did not move, and permanence was achieved ”, at the same time that he was grateful that the board, despite everything, has kept him until the end.

“When a season goes bad, it hurts the soul. I would have done anything for him Real Valladolid, for everything he has given me and I have given him. It was a beautiful and exciting project, but things haven’t turned out for us and football has hit us very hard. Now we have to try to finish with dignity “, added the Catalan coach, for whom” there has been a lot of positive “too.

He has admitted that the team is going through “a very hard week”, because “the players are affected and this situation causes a lot of pain”, above all, because it was believed that “this was not going to happen”, but the intention is “to defend this shield until the last moment, being aware of what the game is Atlético de Madrid”.

It is clear that the Madrid team “is experiencing a lot of tension, because it has the opportunity to win the title”: “It will come to crush us, and the first twenty or thirty minutes will be very intense, to seek to get ahead on the scoreboard and thus manage better the meeting ”, he predicted.

“Regardless of how they come, the important thing is that we are able to reveal ourselves in this situation, to go out with the same intensity to equalize the individual duels. Everything happens because we win, because if we don’t, the rest of the caroms won’t do any good ”, he commented.

In this regard, he stressed that “in the world of football you see all kinds of situations” and that is what makes them have “a glimmer of hope.” That minimal option of salvation is what they have to “hold on to”, even if it is “very difficult” for there to be so many variables: winning by Athletics So what Elche and Huesca lose.

You see all kinds of situations in the world of soccer. That gives me a glimmer of hope

Therefore, “you have to go out to win and compete, knowing that the rival is going to come out in a whirlwind, with that 4-4-2 that can then be transformed with five in the center of the field, its potential in individual duels, Beautiful that he takes center stage from the side, the arrivals of Llorente, or the work of Luis Suárez and the pivots ”.

Up to six casualties …

For this momentous match it will count on the casualties of Orellana, Raúl Carnero, Kodro, Bruno Gonzalez and, almost certainly, of Javi sanchez, to which is added that of Ruben Alcaraz, who must comply with the sanctions cycle.

Regarding the possibility of premiums, Sergio He has commented that “the greatest incentive and the greatest bonus is to achieve salvation. The premiums are stipulated from the beginning of the season to achieve the objective and, to suggest that there is something added, it is out of place and does not come to mind ”.

As for the club president, Ronaldo Nazário, has said that “he has been very present, continuously, and has been constant in his way of working and in his working method regarding the relationship with the team, with a continuous speech, showing his support and speaking with everyone”.

Finally, he has advanced that he has not spoken with the club and, therefore, he does not know if this Saturday will be “the last game” with Real Valladolid. He has also made it clear that “it is true that they have not risen to the occasion, but not that there is no feeling of belonging to the club or lack of commitment.”

“Everyone has been involved in this project. Another thing is that the expected performance has not occurred, but the losers are the footballers and the coaching staff. The stain is for everyone and it hurts the same or more than any fan, because we have been protagonists and the blame remains with each one for a long time ”, he indicated.